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We're over the hump.



The Wednesday night line is open. Close-outs:

* DIVORCE WATCH: Those who religiously read the divorce listings in the daily paper looking for familiar names might have read over this one from April 6: Young Hutchinson v. Anne Hutchinson. Young Hutchinson is better known as state Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson. Young is his middle name.

* STEAKS AND HOOKERS: Former President Clinton provided colorful reminscences from a trip to New York's Times Square as an 18-year-old to enliven a news conference about the merger of his climate initiative with a similar effort by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

* UPDATE PRINCELLA SMITH: I just chatted with Alice Stewart, Secretary of State Mark Martin's press spokesperson. She said Princella Smith had been suspended with pay while the office looks into circumstances of her stop on vehicle violations yesterday in Wynne, including driving with a suspended license. She said the office wanted to determine why her license was suspended. She explained that Smith was in Wynne as part of a part-time job teaching two courses at a local community college. Smith had a contract before going to work for the secretary of state and Martin agreed to allow her to fulfill that commitment while serving as his director of education, Stewart said. In answer to a question, Stewart said Smith took leave time for occasional appearance on cable TV channels as a Republican-oriented political commentator.

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