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Over to you. Closing notes:

* HUCKABEE-TRUMP 2012: The Huckster says he could see running on a ticket with Donald Trump. The mind boggles.

* HENDERSON STATE: I updated my item on the Henderson State University president search with an updated list of applicants, which includes Sen. Gilbert Baker and Arkadelphia School Superintendent Donnie Whitten. They were to be interviewed by the search committee today. LATE UPDATE: I've learned that Baker is now apparently out of the running and that Whitten and Gary Biller, a v.p. at Arkansas Tech, have been recommended to the Board of Trustees for full interviews.

* DILLARD'S: The Dillard Department Stores stockholder proxy statement happened to cross my desk today. Here it is, for those who like to read about executive compensation and other financial tidbits. For example: Stephens Media gets $2.2 million a year in Dillard's advertising (this reported because Warren Stephens is on the Dillard's board.) Stephens Insurance gets $1.3 million worth of business. And Stephens Inc. got $250,000 for analysis of Dillard's real estate holdings. Board members got about $150,000 in cash and stock. Add it all up and pretty soon you're talking about real money. But relative chump change compared with the roughly $15 million in salary and other compensation paid to five Dillard siblings and the child of one of them during the year.

* REDISTRICTING: Note down below that earlier item about congressional redistricting has been significantly revised. A compromise plan is now heading to bipartisan approval by both House and Senate, which should mean end of session tomorrow, barring procedural hitches.

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