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'Sexting' investigated at Lake Hamilton JHS



SEXTING: Careful, students.
  • SEXTING: Careful, students.
The Garland County sheriff's office has issued a report of an inquiry about "sexting" — the phone transmission of provocative photographs — by students at Lake Hamilton Junior High. Bottom line: No charges to be filed.

The subject has gotten a lot of national attention lately because of child porn charges filed against teens sending photos of themselves and boy/girlfriends unaware that age can make a very serious difference in the legality of photo transmission.

I'll simply report the Garland County report. You decide. (I shouldn't make light. But somehow, C. Estes Kefauver High in Dacron, O., and its immortal principal come to mind):

Attached is a report we received about possible “sexting” between students at Lake Hamilton Jr. High. Several of you have called because you were told that the Superintendant and Principal were involved in something possibly illegal and that their computers were seized.

Here is what we have:

The principal contacted us about possible “sexting” between students. The principal and superintendent were made aware of this and were forwarded the images to determine if this conduct was actually going on with the students and for disciplinary purposes. Once they received the images and information, they immediately contacted the Sheriff’s Department for proper action.

Due to the fact that the images were sent to their computer’s, those computers, along with several student cell phones, were taken to the Sheriff’s Department for examination and retrieval of the images. Images were pulled from the cell phones and it was determined that most of the images appear to have come from online websites. We are unable to determine at this time if any of the images are of actual students are not. Those images have been permanently removed from the phones and computers by our Internet Crimes Against Children investigator.

The Prosecuting Attorney has been contacted and has determined that there is no evidence for criminal charges to be filed against the students.

Lt. James "Corky" Martin
Garland County Sheriff's Department

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