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Sen. Pryor orates on possible shutdown



Sen. Mark Pryor has distributed a copy of the speech he delivered in the Senate today about the possibility of a government shutdown. It's a come-let-us-reason-together speech. I did note this:

In fact, I saw yesterday in the paper where Speaker Boehner was talking to his caucus about getting ready for the shutdown and there were ovations over there. There are no ovations over here for a government shutdown. We do not want to see it. I’m not just talking about the Democrats in the Senate. I don’t know of any Republicans in the Senate who want to see a shutdown.

One of the tests I use when I look at politicians is the louder they are and the more often they have press conferences to blame other people, it probably means they are more to blame for the problems we have today. I certainly hope as the elections roll around next year the American people will remember many of the politicians’ attempts here in Washington to avoid responsibility for this terrible fiscal crisis.

I watched a video clip last night on Rachel Maddow of Republican congressmen exhibiting a "bring it on" glee about a shutdown, paired with reporting on the merciless drubbing a group of Republicans gave an official of the Postal Service (always ripped for inefficiency right up to the minute it wants to close a bunch of unprofitable postal stations). Long years of battle have made government the enemy. If Republicans destroy it, we'll reap the whirlwind.

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