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Senate passes redistricting plan



The Senate is debating the congressional redistricting plan that came out of committee yesterday. But other options are still being pitched.

UPDATE: Yesterday's plan was adopted by the Senate 20-13. House meets on it at noon tomorrow.

Here's the roll call. 13 Republicans and seven Democrats in majority. The Dems were Bookout, Burnett, Chesterfield, Crumbly, Madison, R. Thompson and Wyatt. Only Lamoureux among Republicans opposed it. Whitaker was absent.

Hard to imagine the House approving a Republican redistricting plan. A House leader's response to my question if plan will pass the House: "Nope."

More and more, I favor the judicial option.

Earlier in the morning, Republican Sen. Gilbert Baker shopped another plan that chopped off yesterday's Farkle Finger in Madison County and gave Jimmy Jeffress' Ashley County back to the 4th District. The 4th still would have kept Russellville, to the displeasure of some Russellville Republicans. But who cares about Russellville? Somebody has to suffer to protect Fayetteville Democrats' desire to stick with a Republican congressman. Russellville Republicans can get along just fine with DINO Mike Ross.

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