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The legislature: winners and losers



Brummett assesses the high and lowlights of the General Assembly. I'd agree with his list. I might take small exception on unalloyed praised for Sen. Gilbert Baker, who lost it a time or two during the session in dealings with fellow Republicans and acted like HE was the arbiter of congressional redistricting in a legislature still controlled by the other party.

Gov. Beebe and Speaker Moore clearly are at the top of the heap. I think we may look back, though, and assess that the governor mostly kicked the can down the road. Not that that is a bad thing given some of the dire alternatives. Moore accomplished some enormous things, not the least of them putting a $3 billion highway tax lick on the ballot in the year of the Tea Party.

My admirers in Fayetteville willl undoubtedly be shocked to see Brummett's positive mark for Rep. Greg Leding. For some up there, cursing is not enough punishment for the freshman lawmaker.

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