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Partisanship comes to Arkansas



Gov. Mike Beebe remarked on partisanship in the House as the legislature completed most of its work Friday.

Well, sure. The House is close to evenly split on partisan lines. Republicans on the state level are no different than those on the national level. They have a defined agenda and party discipline is absolute. Democrats, in contrast, are all over the map. See: congressional redistricting.

Partisanship? You ain't seen nothing like you'll see if the Republicans do take majority control in 2012. Senator Teague, don't invest in too much equipment for that Senate president seat. There will be a do-over. The Family Council will be riding high. Just about everybody will be able to mail it in, so predictable will be the votes. And if a minority tries to block an appropriation to score an ideological point, they may call in the NRA to put down the rebellion.

PS: Brummett explains why the Beebe administration was right and the Republican minority wrong on health care legislation. As if facts matter.

PPS: Of particular note this session was the failure of the Religious Right to advance punitive legislation on abortion rights and the lottery. And, for once, no legislation was passed to beat up on homosexuals. The legislature even passed anti-bullying legislation that specifically took into account harassment based on sexual orientation. This is the kind of thing the Family Council loves to call a "special right." Meaning: gay people deserve whatever ill treatment they get.

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