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Over to you, sports fans. I have places to go.

* A POX ON JERRY TAYLOR: I would like to leave you with a letter to the editor from Kermit Moss of Monticello. He comments on Jerry Taylor, the nominal Democratic senator from Pine Bluff who can be found on the wrong side of just about every issue of importance at the Capitol. Here, Moss is highlighting simple hypocrisy regarding congressional redistricting.

* DUSTIN MCDANIEL: Who knew anyone was talking about Dustin McDaniel running for Congress in 2012? He says he isn't.

Mercy me, sakes alive, and carrot coffee! The congressional redistricting that comes up every ten years is still unsettled. It is necessary in order to keep the 4 districts with approximately the same number of voters, as required by law.

For whatever it is worth, if anything, I am for the “Fayetteville Finger” that would put Fayetteville in the 4th district. We could use some more highly educated voters, and it might encourage Mike Ross to quit running as a Democrat, then voting with the Republicans on many matters of national importance!

But now let me get down to the real purpose of this letter. On page 8A of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette of April 2nd , 2011 it is reported that Senator Jerry Taylor, Democrat of Pine Bluff, has called putting Fayetteville in the 4th District “absolute stupidity”. Well, just look at who is talking! In the year 2000, the last time redistricting was done, he had a problem. He wanted to run in the 23rd district, but Pine Bluff was not in that district, so they ran two parallel lies up from Lincoln County into Pine Bluff to include his house in District 23, and as far as is known those lines are still there!

So from now on I shall call those lines “The Jerry Taylor Finger”!

Lay on, MacDuff!

Kermit Moss

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