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Hillcrest street robberies reported



The Forbidden Hillcrest website reports two street robberies on Kavanaugh in the Hillcrest commercial district last night. He captured radio traffic of a report of a robbery of two pedestrians near Cafe Bossa Nova. A gunman also robbed someone of a wallet and car keys near Walnut and Kavanaugh.

A neighborhood listserve provided the following report:

Last night, six of us were having dinner at Bossa Nova. About 8:30, two visibly shaken women came in and called 911. Here is the story they told us:

They walked out to one of their cars together (I gathered that it was just out in the lot there at Bossa Nova, but could be mistaken). One of the women said she noticed a thin, black man standing in the distance talking on his cell phone. The two women were standing outside the car talking when the man came up, held a gun on them and demanded their purses and cell phones. Another man joined him. Neither woman had noticed the second man before and they were so rattled they couldn't recall whether or not he also had a gun. Once the women complied, both men ran off on foot.

Both women said what I think any one of us would have said: "It was 8:00, near a relatively busy restaurant and we were together so we felt like we were safe."

I just wanted to inform you that another home has been broken into. This time it was on the corner of "B" & Polk Sts. My daughters neighbor came home yesterday, 3-31-11, and found that someone had broken in and stolen all of their electronics. That is not all; they also beat up on their little dog. There are whelps all over the poor animal...I can't help but think that these are really cold people to do something like that. This was a duplex that was broken into and not a regular house. There is usually a car parked in the driveway either at one apt. or the other. I guess this doesn't matter anymore to the scum bags that have been taking advantage of all of us here lately. I guess we all need to have alarms put in and monitored. Everyone be careful and lock up, I feel that this is not end of it...

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