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Here are the 19 Republicans who, in the last roll call, said they'd rather end insurance regulation in Arkansas, shut down a state agency and private insurance companies and strip $100 million from state and retirement funds rather than approve a bill that authorizes (but doesn't spend) $1 milllion in federal spending on planning for health insurance exchanges. The money won't be spent if a court strikes down federal health care reform. Doesn't matter to these nuts, nuttier than Republican governors of Indiana and Utah, to name a couple, who are fine with proceeding with health exchanges as the federal law encourages.

The 19 minority tyrants: Baird, Bell, English, Garner, Hammer, Harris, Hobbs, Hopper, Hubbard, Hutchinson, Lea, Malone, Mauch, Mayberry, D. Meeks, S. Meeks, Sanders, Stubblefield, Woods.

These 10 deserve no less condemnation for not voting, unless they had a valid health excuse: Altes, Barnett, Benedict, Biviano, Collins-Smith (DINO-Pocahontas), Cozart, Deffenbaugh, Eubanks, Jean, Johnston.

There's a special place in the fires for Collins-Smith, who is no Democrat but ran as one because it's the only way to get elected in her region. She might as well go down to Sixth and Chester and sign up with the rest of the Republicans.

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