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The line is open UPDATE



Your comments welcome. Final notes:

* LEGISLATURE: The legislature meets into the evening again. Who knows what mischief might result?

* HUCKABEE: Joe Klein says Mike Huckabee's stupid remarks about Obama disqualify him for the presidency. If he thinks those were bad, he hasn't followed the Huckster very closely, but welcome to the club, Joe.

* NEW BLACK PANTHERS: The Republican-invented non-story about voter intimidation countenanced by the Obama Justice Department was just another snipe hunt.

* STILL SUCKS, BUT ...: I read that, to get Senate approval, Sen. Jake Files has amended his Bass Pro Shop Corporate Welfare Amendment to allow bonds to be issued for development districts to be backed only by local sales taxes, not to steal state sales taxes from the rest of us to subsidize loser shopping centers that only poach business from other Arkansas shopping centers. It's still a terrible amendment. But at least local charlatans will only steal from local taxpayers, not all of us. I'm sure Little Rock leaders are champing at the bit to give some of our money away if voters buy this load of garbage.

UPDATE: Here's more on the fallout if Tea Party Republicans follow through on the vote today and shut down the Insurance Department by killing its appropriation so they can win the pissing contest with other states to show who has the biggest balls but the smallest brains in America:

* $154 million in premium tax would not be collected
* General revenue loss to the state would be $98 million
* Police and fireman's pension funds would lose aboutt $55.9 m
* 72,000 insurance producers and title agents wouldn't be licensed
* Farm Bureau, Blue Cross, Qualchoice and 68 other domestic insurance companies would have to cease operations.

So come on Tea Party Republicans, bring it. Shut down the Insurance Department rather than emulating Indiana and Utah and planning for federal health care reform. It's just a federal law. Who gives a crap. Your principles should come first. Screw the people of Arkansas.

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