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POLITICO HEARTS HUCK: But, do they know him?
  • POLITICO HEARTS HUCK: But, do they know him?

Politico continues its flirtation with Florida tax fugitive Mike Huckabee, noting in a piece currently leading its website (partially shown above) his many strengths in polling of the Republican primary vote (Fox News-watching evangelical social warriors are his niche for 20 percent support)

Plus, see, he's "genial." Yes, Arkies know, unless you criticize him or cross him or otherwise don't treat him with the reverence he thinks he deserves. Don't take this from me. Take this from former Huckabee bagmen and staffers who popped up all over in 2008 to describe their own disenchantment with the Huckster, for everything from obsession with money and secrecy to poor clemency decisions to inconstancy on important issues, taxes particularly.

Unwittingly, Politico got to the point in explaining why Huckabee polls well despite a lack of enthusiasm among some pundits:

Peter A. Brown, the assistant director of the Quinnipiac University poll, said that “the reason why he polls better than he does with Beltway pundits is that they see problems with him based on their knowledge of Huckabee.”

In other words, to know him is not to like him.

UPDATE: Another poll showing that, the more people know the Huckster (and other Republican candidates), the less they like them.

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