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Redistricting: inside baseball raps Ross UPDATE II



The Blue Arkansas blog throws down on DINO U.S. Rep. Mike Ross for standing in the way of a supposed redistricting plan worked out between Democrats and Republican Sen. Johnny Key.

I haven't a clue. I am always inclined to believe any scenario in which the theme is that Mike Ross is looking after Mike Ross first and the Democratic Party WAY down a long list of other priorities. But ... hard to believe Key and Democrats had a joint plan that gave 1st District the Delta in that his long-ago published plan divides the Delta to the detriment of Democrats.

UPDATE: The Democratic Party responds to the Republican Party's threat of a lawsuit over redistricting. (See jump.)

PS: Rep. Ross dishonestly claims neutrality.

PPS: In link above, Roby has discovered redistricting is partisan and decided by the party with the majority. Elsewhere Jason Tolbert is having fun because the only road directly linking Franklin County to Washington county through Crawford County is a dirt trail. This suggest there's a federal law that says you may not connect land masses in a congressional district unless all may be accessed by a paved highway that does not leave the congressional district. That not only isn't the law, parts of districts need not even be contiguous land masses. Humor is a good political tool, though, and Republicans are employing it. If there were an election on the plan at the end of the trail, all the nonsense would have more meaning. I'm still of a mind that it's mostly entertainment for the political chattering classes.

UPDATE II: Roby Brock reports that Sen. Johnny Key and Sen. Robert Thompson, a pro tem wannabe for 2013, are dickering on a compromise. Of course Key would want Baxter moved from the 1st back to the 3rd. But what, then does the 3rd give up and the 1st? The 4th will need Washington more than ever.

Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman Will Bond denounced the Republican Party’s threat of a lawsuit over redistricting as merely a political ploy.

“It is ironic that the first thing the Republican party screams about redistricting is the threat of a lawsuit instead of focusing on the merits of one person, one vote and instead of explaining why Republican plans, particularly the one in the Senate, has significant variances in population and seeks to destroy the Delta region.”

“The plans that Republican lawmakers have put forward are incumbent protection plans. Republicans have attempted to politicize the process by making the maps only about their incumbent office holders.”

“The bill of Representative Clark Hall and presented by Representative Cheatham is the closest to one person, one vote and attempts to unite shared interest in the Delta and move the Fourth District north because that is where the population growth in our state has occurred.”

“Redistricting is a difficult process, filled with tough choices. Republican threats of lawsuits are only meant to try improve some political polling numbers for Republican officeholders and does nothing to help the people of Arkansas or the policy debate.”

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