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Arkansas on English-only driver's license bandwagon



A House committee got on board one of xenophobic Rep. Jon Hubbard's anti-immigrant bills yesterday, the one to require that driver's license tests be given only in English. As with most Republican stuff, it's drawn from the central repository of demagoguery and foolishness that cranks out their cookie-cutter legislative packages, designed more for political effect than promoting the general welfare. A cursory web look shows similar anti-immigrant bills in Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee.

Anyway, here's a pro-con look at the legislation in Georgia. Naturally, I find the con more persuasive. You may like the pro. Good point in Georgia was that, there, the road sign test is in English only, but the written test, which delves into more nuanced questions about safe driving, is given in multiple languages because even new citizens with some English skill might deserve a break on comprehension issues. After all, Georgia allows the questions to be spoken to the American, English-speaking illiterate.

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