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There Erma Hendrix goes again



Little Rock City Director Erma Hendrix is on a tear about a proposal to open an office for a social service agency at 200 W. Roosevelt. She's enlisted, to his discredit, Interim School Superintendent Morris Holmes in the cause.

The application by SOAR, which wants an office (not a shelter) for its program to help homeless people, is to come before the Capitol Zoning District Commission this next week.

Why do I say it's to Holmes' discredit that he joined Hendrix? CORRECTION NECESSARY FROM MY FIRST POST:

For one thing, Hendrix says 200 W. Roosevelt is "two blocks from Booker T. Washington School." That's correct. But Holmes seems to have written the Booker Arts Magnet PTA to oppose the office, as evidenced by the note in the previous link. Check the map. You'd have to drive a good 15 blocks, or more, to get from 200 W. Roosevelt, two blocks west of Main, to Booker Arts, which is on the other side of Interstate 30 and many blocks north. Booker Washington Elementary IS a couple of blocks or so across busy Roosevelt from 200 W. Main.
But the larger problem is that she, and Holmes, describe SOAR as a homeless shelter. It isn't. Apart from that ....

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