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Arkansas State newspaper targeted




Not long after the Thursday issue of the Arkansas State student newspaper Herald hit racks, hundreds of copies disappeared. The suspicion is that thieves took them. This sort of thing happens often when a campus paper reports a story that upsets students on campus. It's stupid, of course. Quoting adviser Bonnie Thrasher:

"I think people need to remember that all of The Herald content is published online, so stealing newspapers does not prevent people from seeing the news," she said. "Stealing newspapers does, however, often make the story the thieves were trying to stop into an even bigger one."

The Herald didn't mention any topics in the Thursday paper that might have been controversial on campus. But, thanks to the miracles of the internet tubes, I can refer you to at least one article that probably was read widely.

That would be the story about the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority "A Ball" and invitations urging students to bring an ID, real or fake, to show they were 21 so they could drink at the shindig.

Mere coincidence? Perhaps. Keep watching the Herald.

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