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Dillard's supports anti-abortion event



For the second time, a Dillard's department store in Houston is helping a fund-raising event for the anti-abortion group Heroic Media, known for controversial anti-abortion billboard campaigns. The "prayer, lunch and spring wear" event has stirred up pro-choice voices.

Reports that the store was "sponsoring" the event — a term used in the group's publicity — and the ensuing web controversy has prompted a repositioning statement from Dillard's. The company's form letter to people who've complained about the event:

Dillard’s is not a sponsor of this event. The publicity incorrectly implied that Dillard’s is a sponsor. We are a fashion retailer providing merchandise for a fashion show which we frequently do for a variety of organizations in the communities that we serve. Dillard’s does not take any position with respect to social or political issues. We deeply respect the diverse points of view held by our customers and associates. We sincerely regret that a store manager, without prior authorization, allowed a contrary impression to be created. To the extent that this has offended anyone, we apologize.

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