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The line is open. Noted:

* Tea Party Republicans continue to throw up obstacles to routine appropriation bills. For example, the Shiites defeated the appropriation for the Arkansas School for the Deaf. Needing 75 votes, it got 70. I can't think of a better way to define the fringe of the legislature than to list the dishonor roll of those standing in the way of the School for the Deaf appropriation.

Nays (18): Baird, Bell, Benedict, Biviano, Collins, Deffenbaugh, English, Garner, Gillam, Hammer, Harris, Hobbs, Hubbard, D. Hutchinson, Mauch, Mayberry, D. Meeks, S. Meeks

Present (5), exact same effect as a no: J. Burris, Clemmer, Kerr, S. Malone, Sanders.

Not voting, also the same effect as a no, but including perhaps some legitimate absences, were Altes, Collins-Smith, J. Edwards, Eubanks and the speaker, who typically does not vote.

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