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The parsing conservative legislation we hate edition




This week on the Week in Review Podcast: more discussions on John Pelphrey's fate, how Lu Hardin's apparent gambling addiction obscures his other misdeeds, state legislation we hate, five spring concerts to anticipate and, new this week, endorsements!

With Lindsey Millar, Max Brantley and John Tarpley.

Download here or stream below.

On the jump, links to what we talk about:

Max's column this week on Lu Hardin.

Reporting on Rep. Denny Altes' bible bills: here, here and here. Big comment threads on the first and third links.

Early reporting on Sen. Missy Irvin's state's rights bill to block administration of federal health reform. A play-by-play of its day in committee.

Early reporting on the SWEPCO bill. On Beebe's opposition of an initial draft. More objections from environmentalists. On Attorney General Dustin McDaniel's role, or lack thereof, in the debate.

The photo of Pelphrey and recruits that JT mentions.

A fuller preview of coming concerts this spring.

Max's endorsement: Live streaming the state house of representatives.

Lindsey's endorsement: season two of FX's "Justified." The first episode of season two is streaming on Hulu.

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