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Bryant Republicans complain they aren't paid enough



SHOW HER THE MONEY: Republican Jill Dabbs
  • SHOW HER THE MONEY: Republican Jill Dabbs
Interesting story in the Saline Courier. The new Republican mayor of Bryant, Jill Dabbs, and Republican city clerk, Heather Kizer, aren't happy about a city policy that pegs their pay to education and experience in elected office. They are thus making a bit less than predecessors and they want their money.

They've sought an attorney general's opinion in hopes of invalidating the city policy that took their pay down a peg — by $208 and $68 per pay period from annual salaries paid previously of $71,000 and $41,000, respectively.

“Bryant City Council members’ salaries are all the same regardless of the years of experience, and I cannot find any other elected officials in the state of Arkansas whose salaries are based on elected experience or education,” Dabbs said in her press release. “Elected officials salaries are established by the legislative body for cities, counties and states, respectively. Once salaries are established by legislative bodies, they should follow that position as do the responsibilities of that election position.”

SHOW HER THE MONEY: Republican Heather Kizer
  • SHOW HER THE MONEY: Republican Heather Kizer
Dabbs and Kizer, you may remember, are the nutcakes who wanted to rename themselves Republican Jill Dabbs and Republican Heather Kizer for the election ballot, lest any of the robotic voters in Bryant miss the point that they were the the duly anointed candidate of the party not led by the swarthy Islamic terrorist.

You'd think somebody with Republican in their name would be arguing for lower salaries and strict adherence to rules and regulations. That said, a personnel policy for elected officials tied to education and elective office doesn't sound like a good idea for any number of reasons. Remember Dr. Maxwell Sniffingwell?

Kizer commented on her Facebook page:

"Some things make me shake my head. Do we tell Lt. Gov Mark Darr or Land Comm. John Thurston that their salaries will be decreased because they have no prior elected experience? No when you run for public office you run for the position and duties that go along with it and the salary that is already in place. I don't need the extra $68 on my paycheck, it's just the principle of the matter. My salary is even below what it should be according to salary surveys. I sure hope people know that I did not run for City Clerk for the paycheck. LOL! I ran because I love this community and I want Bryant to be the #1 place to live and not settle for #86! That's my heart!"

Mayor Dabbs wrote:

"At City of Bryant Finance Meeting trying to spend your tax dollars wisely and saving more to put towards projects you will appreciate."

And then wrote...
"I am committed to insuring Bryant is doing things correctly. As I find ordinances and policies I feel need to be challenged we are going to review them for ethicacy. I hate this is one of the first we must look at but I am not willing to be paid an additional amount of salary under a policy I question is even lawful."


Dabbs' very first priority, to be fair, was not her paycheck. It was to terminate some city employees to make room to hire some of her pals.

UPDATE: Much more on this story here.

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