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Altes' Bible bill to be changed



Rep. Denny Altes can't help but show his true colors and they are reason to be afraid — very afraid — of his bill to encourage the teaching of the Bible in public schools. (He's taken it back to committee for changes.) Though Altes includes language to honor the principle of separation of church and state, he admits forthrightly that he doesn't believe in it. With this nose under the tent, Altes hopes the whole camel of Christian prosletyzing can be inserted into the public school tent. It's another Trojan horse. Republicans seem to have a stable full of them. But, please, read on:

Altes said today, “The Bible is the oldest, the most popular, the most accurate history book on the face of the earth. It’s been the most popular book since the early 1500s, since it was first printed. It’s always been the most popular book, it has been and always will be the most popular book on the face of the earth.”

Asked if he believes the Bible is literally true, Altes said he does.

“Sometimes I’ll be reading my Bible and I’ll run across something in there like some tribe, and there will be footnotes and they’ll say archaeologists thought for years this tribe didn’t exist, and then they got to studying, got to looking, and they found it, you know? So it’s true, yes.”

The most accurate history book on the face of the earth.

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