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Garland County: politics get religion



How ugly are the people now calling the shots for the Republican Party in Garland County? Pretty ugly.

Blue Arkansas reports that Chuck Chatham, a member of the Garland County Republican Committee, has been encouraging votes for Bruce Cozart in the House District 24 special election over Jerry Rephan. A taste:

The election is between Bruce Cozart (R) a pro-life, Christian who has served a number of years on the Lake Hamilton school board and Jerry Rephan (D). Jerry is a pro-abortion Jewish lawyer who specializes in “environmental law” which means his primary clients as such were the Sierra Club and PETA, among others.

Christian v. Jew. What else do you really need to know in Hot Springs, where newly elected officials held a church meeting to which Democrats were not invited to get a little Christian-oriented revisionist history from David Barton. The idea is to enforce their religion on everyone else.

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