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Senator claims hold on agency budget



Sen. Jason Rapert, the puffed-up peacock of a freshman senator from Bigelow who's angling to inherit predecessor Bob Johnson's Death Star crown, is back at it. He's crowing on his Facebook page that he's put a "hold" on the state Insurance Department budget to prevent it from implementing federal health care law.

The Arkansas Insurance Department has submitted a budget that includes spending $1,000,000 of your tax dollars to set up a health exchange in Arkansas mandated by Barrack [sic] Hussein Obama and his former liberal Congress. I have put a "hold" on that budget and intend to keep the hold on until they agree not to spend your money on a plan that Arkansas does not want.

Hussein. Nice touch. In case you didn't know, the president is a crazed, anti-American Muslim terrorist. Thanks for the reminder Bro. Rapert.

Isn't it nice how insurance salesman/preacher Rapert presumes to speak for every one of us, even in the face of polling that shows a majority nationwide are ready to see how health care reform works out? Isn't it nice to see a self-satisfied preacher who professes what a wonderful person he is for missions to Africa (but won't share details of the spending of his tax-free mission organization) is willing to punish the uninsured in America by standing in the way of health insurance for the sick, children and others? He is definitely one to watch, a Mephistophelean Huckabee in the making, with all the sarcasm and meanness and none of the aw-shucks charm.

Last I heard, Little Rock was not Washington. Single senators don't have the power to "hold" budgets, unless they are a swing vote in committee. But, having seen Rapert declaim folklore in committee yesterday, I get it that there is only one truth — his own. The gospel of Jason and the Holy Ghost Ministry.

PS — As a courtesy to members, bills are frequently delayed in Joint Budget when questions are raised. A permanent hold? No. At some point, a motion will be made and a vote called.

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