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AT&T gets its welfare payment



The very day John Brummett explained how AT&T was angling to hang onto a $3 million corporate welfare payment provided by a phone tax, the House passed the legislation to allow it with 90 votes in favor. The power of the press at work.

Brummett makes a rare foray to his blog today to rant about House passage.

The theme: Tea Party, Schmee Party. Corporate America gets its tribute before government spending is cut or taxes are cut. Or, new Tea Party legislature same as the old legislature. Brum writes:

Here’s my point: Let us not pretend to be conservatives devoted to lower taxes, lower spending and the glories of the free marketplace while we charge some poor sap a tax on his cell phone so that AT&T can continue enjoying ad infinitum a current level of public subsidy.

Maybe Jason Rapert could put a hold on this bill in the Senate, too.

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