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Earthquake in Faulkner County



That quake late last night in Faulkner county, said to be a 4.7, was felt all over the place.

The Log Cabin Democrat has already rounded up a lot of reaction.

UPDATE: Blog reader Smokehouse reports from Grant County:

I had just gone upstairs to bed last night at around 11:15 when the bedroom door started a rhythmic shaking, a framed picture fell off the wall, and books started cascading off the end of a shelf. I called downstairs to Martha and asked if she'd think I was crazy if I thought we'd just had a small earthquake. She said there'd been several seconds of the downstairs walls creaking and groaning. Very weird and disquieting. This was in Sheridan, more than 60 miles south of Conway, in an area notoriously geologically stable.

And this, from downtown Little Rock:

I've been sort of dismissive of this quake stuff until last night. I felt it in my apartment on the 12th floor. A loud pop, like when a house creaks, and the building swayed slightly, followed by several seconds of vibrations.

UPDATE: Channel 4 provides tape of 911 earthquake calls in Conway.

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