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A real Democrat, Jerry Rephan, running in Hot Springs



I was reminded of a link and video I was sent yesterday by Jerry Rephan, the Hot Springs lawyer who's running as a Democrat, a real one, in the special election for the District 24 seat in Hot Springs.

The Blue Arkansas Blog has some video up of Rephan giving voters some straight talk on the Republican proposal to cut taxes on the richest 1 percent of Arkansans — a bill that would hurt schools, Medicaid, rural fire departments and every essential part of government. Rephan notes, too, the likelihood of a legal challenge should the capital gains tax giveaway pass. (Tax cheat Ed Garner assured the House no one should fear a lawsuit in voting for his tax cut for the wealthy, even though his Senate Republican counterpart Gilbert Baker tosses out threat of a lawsuit like confetti every time he talks about congressional redistricting, part of a game to bully into law a plan drawn to the minority's liking.) Said Rephan of the millionaires' tax break:

There are proposals in the state legislature now that would bring Arkansas into a collision course with federal laws, and with the Constitution, and with the Supreme Court, and what would be doing then with our Arkansas money? We’d be throwing that money into the Attorney General’s office and to private attorneys to carry litigation forward that doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of passing but it will cost the people of the state of Arkansas.

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