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Committee rejects Land of Opportunity nickname



A House committee today resoundingly beat a do-pass motion for Rep. David Sanders' bill to change the state nickname from the Natural State back to the Land of Opportunity. The state Parks and Tourism Department, which has spent a significant sum promoting the Natural State nickname, opposed the bill. A spokesman noted a number of other states are using the Land of Opportunity in marketing. Sanders said there was no cost to his legislation, though it's hard to see how expense wouldn't be required to roll out new logos and all the rest.

Sanders plea for bipartisanship struck me as a further note in a Republican chorus — if a legislator opposes a bill by a Republican he or she is being partisan. That's a nice and effective narrative, if misleading. Sometimes bad ideas are just bad ideas, regardless of the party of the sponsor.

CORRECTION: Sanders' bill had been amended to add Land of Opportunity as a nickname, not replace Natural State.

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