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Woman fights, but loses purse in scrap with robbers



Channel 4 reports on a 49-year-old woman's resistance outside Fred's discount store south of Little Rock last night when two men tried to steal her purse. They got Delinda McCabe's purse, which contained $300, but not without a fight.

According to the incident report, McCabe said two men walked up and demanded her to hand over her purse. She refused and tried to get into her car and close the door. She said after that one of the men stopped her from leaving and both of them tried to reach into her car and grab her purse.

In self-defense, McCabe said she grabbed one of the men between the legs to keep him from stealing her purse but the other one reached into her car and was able to grab her purse. She says the man she had grabbed then pulled her out of the car and she fell on the ground where she was kicked in the chest twice, hit once in the back, and punched several times on the left side of her face.

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