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Where are the jobs?



It didn't produce much in election 2010, but it's still better than nothing that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee continues to work and watch how Republicans are delivering on campaign promises. Here, the DCCC reviews the work of Rep. Tim Griffin and Co. and, as you might have guessed, finds it wanting. Promises broken; no jobs delivered; plenty of work to keep rape victinms from having abortions; plenty of effort to deny health coverage for people yearning for it.


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today launched a new website called www.whenarethejobs.com to highlight Representative Tim Griffin (AR-02) and the new Republican majority’s first 30 days without a single action to address the top priority of the American people: creating jobs. Despite claiming that election day showed the American people want a focus on jobs, Representative Tim Griffin has done everything but focus on job creation in the first 30 days. Instead, the first month has been about repealing health insurance reform, focusing on limiting women’s health care options, rewriting campaign finance laws, scaling back on budget cuts and breaking their own rules.

“House Republicans like Representative Tim Griffin said their campaign was about creating jobs, but in the first 30 days it’s clear that everything from social issues to special interests has come first,” said Jesse Ferguson of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “While Representative Tim Griffin keeps pushing a partisan, extremist agenda to focus on limiting women’s health care options, protecting insurance companies, and repealing campaign finance laws, he hasn’t moved forward on one serious measure to create jobs or protect the middle class since they began in Congress. The clock is ticking.”

First 30 Days of Representative Tim Griffin and House Republicans’ Jobless Agenda

Republicans focus on everything but jobs. “Republicans won dozens of elections last fall after claiming Democrats had focused too little on creating jobs. Now GOP lawmakers stand accused of the same charge, using their new House majority to push to repeal the president's health care law, restrict abortions and highlight other social issues important to their most conservative supporters.” [AP, 1/29/11]

* Republicans Focus on Repealing Health Insurance Reform. “The implications of these plans for employment are profound. If successful, the effort to repeal health care reform would reduce employment by 250,000 to 400,000 jobs annually over the next decade and lower wage growth. Our economy has recently lost millions of jobs and wages for almost all workers have stagnated for years. The effects of repeal would add more medical burdens to the public and private sectors.” [Center for American Progress, 1/07/11]

* Republicans’ Focus on Limiting Women’s Health Care Options — one of Republicans’ “top legislative priorities”. Speaker of the House John Boehner this morning expressed support for a new bill that would permanently ban federal funding for abortions and called the measure one of the House’s “top legislative priorities” in the 112th Congress. [ABC News, 1/20/11]

* Republicans’ End Public Financing for Presidential Campaigns. Signature reforms of the Watergate era, a public financing system that has played a key role in underwriting presidential campaigns and conventions for the last 36 years. [National Journal, 1/26/11]

* Republicans Broke Pledge to Cut Budget. In their Pledge to America, Republicans pledged to cut at least $100 billion in their first year. In fact, Republicans ended up offering cuts of only $32 billion from agency budgets. [A Pledge to America, 9/22/10; Washington Post, 2/03/11]

* Republicans Ignored Their Own Rules Package. Republicans ignored their recently adopted rules package, which included a requirement that all legislation be made publicly available three business days before a vote. [CQ Today, 1/07/11]

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