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The self-absorption of the Tea Party



JON HUBBARD: He knows best
  • JON HUBBARD: He knows best
Interesting story today about an unhinged letter sent by freshman Republican Rep. Jon Hubbard of Jonesboro to Gov. Mike Beebe. He's sure Beebe has exerted devious pressure to beat bills that Hubbard favors in committee. It's all a liberal plot to defeat good conservative legislation and "kill good bills that the people want passed." Beebe says Hubbard doesn't know what he's talking about and, given the available evidence, Beebe appears to be correct.

Hubbard (more on his philosophy here) makes the mistake of politicians of all flavors, but particularly, of late, the Tea Party. If you want something hard enough and loudly enough, you must represent ALL voters.

Sorry, but no. A majority in committee the other day decided to amend legislation to insure that private insurance companies wouldn't be prohibited from providing abortion coverage for women who'd been raped or impregnated by their fathers/brothers/other kin. Hubbard thinks that no such consideration should be given to rape victims if there's a scintilla of a chance a few pennies of public money might — and there's an argument this is so — be construed as supporting the procedure. Do people want cruelty to rape victims to become law? I don't really think so. But it doesn't matter what I or Hubbard think. The committee system doesn't give a free pass to the floor for every idea Jon Hubbard or Max Brantley favors. Thank goodness (though of course my ideas are far superior to his in every way.)

What Hubbard calls "political games" is the representative political process. He likes it when he thinks it might work in his favor. He is hard at work trying to undo legislation passed by an overwhelming majority in Congress to provide health coverage for all. He's also hard at work trying to undo the work of that dastardly liberal, Mike Huckabee, in providing pre-natal care for undocumented immigrants who find themselves within our borders during pregnancy. No telling what Hubbard would do to these women, given the chance. Put them on the first rickety bus to Juarez and jail them if they didn't pay for their own bus ticket? Whatever, you know he'd do it in the presumptive name of all voters and Jesus H. Christ himself.

Hubbard's letter is posted here on Curtis Coleman's website. I hope Hubbard doesn't confuse Coleman, badly trounced in a race for Senate and the fellow who compared stem cell research to Nazi medicine, as another, like Hubbard, whose ideas are endorsed by all people except for stray manipulative liberals like Mike Beebe and me. Even the Republican voters didn't have much use for Coleman. He drew 4.9 percent of the primary vote.

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