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Republicans: The party of intrusive government



This is an important discussion on Talking Points Memo of the Republicans single-minded pursuit of anti-abortion legislation — to hell with jobs and the economy. They want to prevent rape victims from obtaining abortions. They want hospitals to be able to deny abortions even to save the lives of dying women. And now they propose what would amount to a huge tax increase — denying favorable income tax treatment for money put in health savings accounts if a private insurance carrier provides coverage for abortion.

The aim, of course, is to exert government pressure to end private insurance coverage of abortion. It's mean. It's hypocritical. Let's open up all of insurance coverage decisions to this sort of personal preference. Artificial means of pregnancy? It's not God's way. Deny insurance coverage. Erectile dysfunction? Nix that. And there's a whole range of currently deductible expenses that are worth a review. Churches? As one congressman said, doesn't that amount to government establishment of religion. Let's end those deductions. The bottom line: Republicans want to interfere with private choices by private people and businesses. They always do, even as they claim they want to get government out of our lives. In truth, they want their form of government to control every aspect of our lives. This is extreme stuff. Will it be too late before voters get it? Rep. Mike Ross sure seems to think so. Or maybe he just believes all this.

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