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At the legislature



Committees are working this morning.

* Insurance Commissioner Jay Bradford told a Senate committee he's implementing the health care reform law. Some Republican critics of the law seem surprised that he'd do such a thing — obey a law they don't like. He says he's hired four employees to implement the law, with its new state-based insurance exchanges. They're necessary, of course, because of the immense amount of new coverage in store for previously uninsured Arkansans. This — covering poor, sick people — is described as a "boondoggle" by at least one Republican campaign consultant, former GOP executive director Clint Reed. Heartless, aren't they? But I admit heartlessnes is selling these days.

* A bill to toughen penalties on rogue sports agents was approved by a House committee. Rep. John Walker asked a good question — about evidence for the need for the bill in Arkansas — and got a hazy response from the assembled jock officialdom, including UA Athletic Director Jeff Long. No doubt that it's a feel-good headline generator for sponsors Dustin McDaniel and David Sanders.

* A Senate commitee also approved a bill to set up an on-line spot to review state expenditures.

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