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It's going to be one of those weeks. Everyone is going to be tuning into weather forecasts for the growing predictions of a snowpocalypse. This is certain: There will be a ton of snow. Or there won't. Or it might be in-between. The early line for Little Rock:

* Weather Underground: Light snow Tuesday night; snow likely Wednesday with "moderate" accumulations; snow Wednesday evening

* Weather Channel: Snow showers Wednesday.

* Accuweather: Inch of snow Wednesday.

* National Weather Service: There could be measurable snow across a big chunk of the state tonight, though the forecast is hazy. However, a new system promises snow Tuesday night and Wednesday. "... it appears there will be a prolonged period of snowfall, as long as 24 hours, through at least Wednesday afternoon. It appears the heaviest amounts will be focused over western into Central Arkansas...will not get too specific on amounts as the event is still at least three days away."

Choose your poison.

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