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Needed: More child labor



Elwood proudly notes, and gives rights to re-publish, his letter to the editor in this morning's Democrat-Gazette in which he seconds U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin's admiration of China. Read on:

Tim Griffin was right

During the 2nd District congressional debate, Tim Griffin got it right. China knows how to do business. Chinese businesses don’t struggle with environment regulation and building codes. They know that rivers, streams and skies will eventually wash themselves clean. The longest worker strike I read about lasted 30 minutes, or about as long as it takes their army to arrive. Most lawyers work for the state so businesses are not bothered with lawsuits by do-gooders. Now that’s a climate for prosperity.

Perhaps China’s greatest success story lies in preparing workers for its worker economy. Chinese children pay for a large part of their elementary and primary education, freeing entrepreneurs from burdensome taxes. It would be simple to implement here.Beyond elementary and primary, no resources are wasted on low achievers. Only the best are allowed to continue, which results in China producing more engineers and scientists.

Our schools are crowded and up to 40 percent will drop out. Our solution is to lower the child working age so there’s no wasted resources on dopeheads and dropouts. A 13-year old Chinese can produce a lot.

Within a decade we can move America into a second industrial revolution. I hope urban planners have the good sense to put golf courses next to our new factories so children can look out windows and see the men at play. Working children need incentives.

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