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The Republican assault on women



In case you missed it: New Republican legislation would let hospitals refuse abortions even to save a woman's life.

This is in keeping with movements in Arkansas and elsewhere to remove even the rape and incest exemptions most laws provide for women seeking public support for abortion. That's what you need to remember in Arkansas about the Bledsoe legislation. It is NOT about funding issues, for all the dust thrown up on that topic. As her own interviews have made clear, it's about taking whatever steps necessary — even steps dangerous to the health of raped pregnant women — to prevent abortion at any stage of pregnancy. The ultimate goal is to make end of pregnancy — even by drugs to expel a fertilized egg within hours of conception — illegal. To date, the majority of Americans have signaled they aren't ready to go that far. But that is what's at stake in the legislative debates, be clear about it.

ALSO: As Gail Collins notes, the single-minded anti-choice agenda includes stripping support for family planning and basic health care such as STD, diabetes and cancer screening for women. A kinder and gentler group this bunch is not.

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