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Legislative rundown


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Passed: The "ethics bill" passed the House Rules Committee earlier today. Jason Tolbert was on hand to capture a little video of Speaker Robert Moore speaking on behalf of the bill. "There are some in the Assembly who think the bill goes too far and is not necessary," Moore said. "There are some that think it does not go far enough. I would imagine in the general public sector there may be more in the later than the former."

Foreign affairs: Sen. Cecile Bledsoe, R-Rogers, pulled her bill, which would have banned Arkansas courts from considering "a foreign judgment or ruling" when making decisions, from consideration by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

They took our jobs!: A bill that would allow the state Contractor Licensing Board to revoke the license of contractors who knowingly hired illegal workers cleared the House State Agencies Committee. The bill was interesting because, as Blue Hog Report noted last week, it played the pro-business and anti-immigrant sentiment of its Republican opponents against one another.

Cell phones in school zones: Passes the Senate and now goes to the House.


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