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The night is young



But I turn the forum over to you.

Closing notes:

* Cato urges me to note a piece he read on the fact that federal health coverage begins today for new members of Congress. I was aware of the fact because the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent one of its frequent reminders that Rep. Tim Griffin has not announced he'd be joining a small group of principled Republicans who, since they oppose universal health care legislation passed last year, are declining to take the swell health insurance provided members of Congress. Is Griffin taking the congressional plan or sticking with the government-issue coverage he once said he enjoyed on account of military service? I don't know and his spokesman didn't respond to my question on the point.

But we do know dozens of Republicans ARE taking the coverage for themselves, spouses and children. No age limit. No pre-existing condition limit. Children get the coverage through age 26. Taxpayers cover $8,400 per year of the cost. Heckuva deal. We so want to keep these guys and gals healthy while they set about the business of depriving the rest of the country of similar health coverage.

* Wonder if there will be a sufficient thaw to permit Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's planned visit to Northwest Arkansas on Friday. He's going to discuss how "government and the private sector can work together to out-innovate our competition and grow the economy." He'll meet privately with business leaders at the Arkansas World Trade Center; visit NanoMech, a manufacturer that uses nanotechnology to produce a variety of products, and then meet reporters.

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