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Huckabee: Fearful of democracy?



Mike Huckabee has been busy this week kissing up to conservative Israelis — such as by defending Israeli settlements in occupied territory and generally displaying an aversion to Palestinians — so it makes a certain amount of sense that he's displaying concern for Hosni Mubarak.

But the extent of his concern about uprisings in Egypt apparently caught even a Fox News interviewer by surprise.

This morning, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) — fresh from joining a ceremony for a newly built illegal Israeli settlement — called in to Fox & Friends and discussed the situation in Egypt. He complained about the Obama administration’s response to the protests, saying that it showed that the United States has “abandoned a 30-year ally” and said that there are concerns that the protests “could have cascading effects across the Middle East.”

This took Fox host Gretchen Carlson by surprise, who said that she thinks “there’s a difference in supporting a country like Israel as a friend and supporting a country like Egypt as a friend.” Coming to the defense of a dictator, Huckabee responded by saying that he wanted an acknowledgement that Mubarak “had, in fact, not done everything wrong,” and that he had brought “stability” to the country

Support from Huckabee apparently wasn't enough to stop Mubarak from sending word that he won't seek re-election.

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