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QB deficiency bodes well for Mallett



Rob Keys makes the argument that, economically at least, it was a good decision for Ryan Mallett to go ahead and jump to the NFL. No kidding. I'm pretty sure top-round quarterbacks make more than kids who graduate with a sociology degree, Mallett's preferred course of study. However, Keys does make a good point: a lot of teams need good quarterbacks.

Perhaps equally important as far as Mallett is concerned is the number of teams in need of a quarterback right now. No less than six - Carolina, Buffalo, Arizona, San Francisco, Tennessee and Washington - of the first 10 teams in the draft order have no-brainer quarterback needs.

That doesn't even take into account Cincinnati (fourth) or Cleveland (sixth), which might be looking. Add Minnesota (12th) and Miami (15th), and it seems like a pretty good time to be a draftable quarterback, especially because there are only four considered to be first round-worthy.

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