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Legislative rundown



Here's what's going on in and around the Capitol.

GreenAR: Local enviro-blog GreenAR by the Day rounds up a number of bills filed by Rep. Denny Altes - that have nothing to do with guns - that they'll be checking in on throughout the session. The list includes an act to exempt renewable energy equipment from sales and use taxes and an act to promote conservation in private homes.

Stream it: Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson filed a bill today calling for the live streaming of Senate committee meetings, just like they do in the house. Hutchinson hasn't asked for a cost estimate but tells us it would probably be comparable, in both price and scope, to what's done on the House side. Currently four committee rooms are wired for live streaming. "I don’t think it will pass," Hutchinson said. "The Senate prides itself on being a traditional institution and I’ve already talked to some members who are worried about the grand-standing that would occur. I’ve talked to some members who are for it as well. It will be difficult to pass this session. But it’s important. In the Senate we haven’t even had the discussion to date. And if we can’t pass it, maybe it will lay the foundation for further down the road."

Unplug those people: This one from the we've-got-nothing-better-to-do file. Andrew Demillo takes note of a bill that would ban pedestrians and cyclists from having headphones, or earbuds, in both ears.

Appropriated: The House passed a general appropriations bill today, minus those pesky pay-raises for prosecutors and judges.

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