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A real health care vote



A "top Democratic aide" tells Talking Points Memo that some Democrats are thinking about forcing Republicans to put their money where their mouth is and take votes on repealing popular versions of the health care reform bill, like provisions preventing an insurance company from barring you from coverage due to a pre-existing condition.

Nothing's been finalized, including precisely how they'd go about it. But the point would be to turn a global health care repeal push into something more piecemeal — should seniors pay back their $250 doughnut hole check? Should children with pre-existing conditions be stripped of insurance?

"Senior staff are giving serious consideration to the strategy of forcing Republicans to take tough votes on extremely popular elements of the health care law, including the doughnut hole provision, as well as pre-existing conditions," the aide said.

A spokesman for Sen. Harry Reid said doing so was "unlikely." Good strategy? Oh, and another good piece on how polling on this issue is a little more nuanced than some would have you think.

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