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No more blunts UPDATE



A bill filed this morning by Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, R-Little Rock, would prohibit the sale of blunt wraps, defined in SB 46 as "an individual tobacco wrapper, also known as a wrap or roll-your-own-cigar wrap, that is made wholly or in part from tobacco, including reconstituted tobacco, whether in the form of a tobacco leaf, sheet, or tube, and that is designed to be sold to individuals." With prisons overflowing, it seems like a good time to rethink our state's drug policy or maybe even consider legalizing, at least the medical use of, marijuana. Now we're talking about outlawing something you might use to roll the stuff into.

UPDATE: Sen. Hutchinson calls in with some comments regarding the bill. First of all, he wanted to point out that this would be a misdemeanor. "I wanted to make sure we didn't send anybody to prison over this." He went on to say:

There’s a question out there over whether or not these blunt wraps are legal to bring into the United States. Some courts have ruled them to be drug paraphernalia and some have not. This is really clarifying, for Arkansas’s purposes, so that’s how the bill is addressed.

If someone wants to smoke pot, there’s a thousand other ways to do it without a blunt wrap. This is just clarifying that this is drug paraphernalia. I don’t know of any legitimate commercial use of blunt wraps. People don’t roll their own cigars. It’s really more of a clarification, I’m not trying to criminalize anything. I’m probably going to support the governor’s bill to keep drug users out of prison.

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