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Republican Rep. Denny Altes, Cowboy-Fort Smith, tells the Democrat-Gazette that he believes Arkansas currently allows for open-carry for handguns because of a state statute that say that's it's a "defense to a prosecution" if a person is packing while on "a journey."

Because, you know, life is a journey.

Altes also offers, as more supporting evidence of his interpretation of the law, his own experience: "When I go hunting, I open carry and nobody has ever said anything."

Despite his reading of current law, Altes is working on a bill to clarify the language. He told the D-G, "the outlaws, the crazies, the wackos, they're going to have to be careful." And he said he was surprised no one was armed and able to stop the Arizona shooting.

Guess he missed the piece in Slate we posted last week about the handgun owner who responded to news of the shooting nearby and almost shot a man with a gun — the man who had taken the gun from the mass killer.

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