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Robbie Wills joins the lobby ranks



Former House Speaker Robbie Wills at least gave his successor in office a few hours grace before announcing he'd turned his political service into a lobbying career, a gig with the Arkansas Installment Lenders Association.

Wills' news release takes pains to differentiate his new employer (he won't be full-time, however), the installment lenders, as a benevolent breed apart from check cashers, payday lenders and the others who suck blood out of working people with exorbitant rates on small loans.

This is the group's national affiliate, a link to its astroturf campaign to proposed federal consumer protection legislation. Ironically, consumer advocates have objected to the legislation because it doesn't go nearly far enough to regulate installment lenders and other non-banks. Any federal regulation is too much for Wills' employers. They like the states to take care of this because they're so famously effective in the legislature at standing up to abusive industries.

Installment lending aside: If the new-wave Republicans really mean they'll bring better government to Arkansas, could Denny Altes give the Wild West gun bill and other nuttery a rest until we stop revolving door legislating/lobbying?

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