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Not looking too promising on traversing the hill from my house — now or for days given that it is the absolute last street in the city to thaw or receive salt or other attention from city crews.

So my question is: Are Central Arkansas Transit buses running? No word on their website.

State Police says:

As of 6:30 this morning Arkansas State Troopers continue to work with recovery crews to move approximately twelve jackknifed commercial carrier trucks from Interstate 30 west of Benton to the Highway 70 interchange where some of the worst driving conditions in the state currently exist. The longest delays are occurring in the eastbound lanes of traffic; however there are isolated delays westbound closer to Benton.

I won't attempt to recount the varied and changing conditions everywhere else.

ALSO: Several snarky readers invite someone with snow tires to cruise out to the Highway and Transportation Department and make sure all those gazillion state-supplied vehicles are in the parking lot today, with drivers hard at work.

UPDATE: Still lots of powdery snow on my hill, so I could climb it with 4WD. But it beats down to ice easily and Kavanaugh was pretty much a sheet of ice thanks to the plowing work. I did encounter a Pulaski Heights bus, so that question was answered.

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