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Consumer alert SOLD OUT



Shameless commercial interlude.

OK, it's snowing. But you can still shop. If you haven't been to Half Off Depot, our truly good deal source of half-off coupons, today's a good time to check.

New feature, and it won't last long: A coupon enabling you to buy $50 worth of goods from Colonial Wine and Spirits for $25.

No catch. No gimmick. No one-day-only Charge your purchase, print the coupon and you can double your money in wine, beer or spirits at Colonial.

UPDATE: Sorry, SOLD OUT. It was a heckuva deal.

UPDATE II: The Colonial discount may have been too good a deal. Though both Colonial and the Times had talked with the ABC about the offer, ABC Administrator Michael Langley this evening expressed doubts about it being permitted under regulations. We'll be talking to him further tomorrow. If there are problems, purchasers will receive refunds.

BUT: There are a bunch of other good deals still available. A $7 pie at Hunkapie; half-off at Sticky Fingerz, Starving Artist, Juanita's, Big Whiskey's, Pizza Cafe, So, Hampton Inn, Stonelinks.

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