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Dustin McDaniel's priorities



Second-term Attorney General Dustin McDaniel did what his first term? It escapes me. He mostly avoided like the plague battling for consumers against greedy, polluting utilities — once a staple activity of the office. And what's he going to do now, having survived the election year without meaningful opposition? Punish rogue sports agents, that's what. What? You didn't know that unscrupulous sports agentry was the most important problem facing Arkansas?

Here, McDaniel has jumped into bed with freshman headline-grabber David Sanders. Why he hasn't joined the state motto bandwagon with Sanders, I don't know. Everything else of substance has apparently been resolved. Lie down with dogs ....

PS — OK, I grant you. McDaniel didn't get rolled on the health legislation lawsuit, no small matter in the year of Republican hysteria.

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