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Dead birds will never die



The Columbia Journalism Review has offered a round up of the best coverage of dead birds in Beebe and elsewhere.

Max's New Year's day headline — "Blackbirds dead, not singing in the night" — gets deserving props.

But here's the best item of the bunch:

On Tuesday, Arkansas’s KATV-7 broadcast newly released New Year’s Eve 911 calls to the Beebe police department, with dispatcher Mary calming down concerned citizens. Caller: “Yes, ma’am, I was wondering why all the birds are, like, dying…” Dispatcher: “We are trying to figure that out. We have Game and Fish out here, County is out here, and we’re trying to figure out what’s going on.” Caller: “I don’t know if this is silly or not but…” Dispatcher: “You’ve got birds everywhere?” Caller: “Yes.”

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