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Jeannie Burlsworth: taking names



Jeannie Burlsworth, leader of Secure Arkansas and the Foil Hat Society, has requested an electronic copy of the names of all state employees, the agency where they work, their job titles and their pay. Employees have been notified that this is a legitimate request under the FOI, but that they may file an objection. Sure it's legal. I hope she posts the material on-line.

On a side note: I tried to get the equivalent information from the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce, which gets $200,000 in city tax money, and after a year of trying finally got a sliver of that information (but enough to prove that city officials were lying, or at least totally uninformed, when they said city money doesn't go to support political lobbying). I'm all for transparency about the people who get tax money. I wish transparency applied to all recipients of corporate welfare handouts from Arkansas taxpayers.

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