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David Barton, the bogus Texas historian who makes a living giving speeches about our Christian nation, has a return engagement in Arkansas. The new Christian junta that's running Garland County has already had Barton in for an indoctrination session for political officials in Hot Springs. Now Jerry Cox of the right-wing fundamentalist Family Council has booked a room at the Capitol for two days this month so that Barton may indoctrinate state officials into government-by-

If Republicans really are intent on proving their mainstream bona fides with their new strength by avoiding getting embroiled in some pet religious and cultural issues this year, they'd find more productive places to be when Barton is spewing his nonsense. Indeed, Republicans bent on proving that they're mostly about ethical, efficient government and low taxes and not infringing on others' liberties would do all they can do to avoid appearing as if they're merely foot soldiers for the Family Council. Alas ..... I fear that when you scratch the surface of the new Republicans they'll prove just like the old Jim Holt/Jim Bob Duggar Republicans.

You can Google Barton yourself. But here's one instructive essay on Barton. Rewriting textbooks to suit his religion is one of his main pastimes. Americans United reports here.

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